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What is nearshoring?

Unlock your business potential in Tunisia with nearshoring service

Nearshoring is more than just a strategic business approach, it is your gateway to establishing a thriving presence in Tunisia. At Tech216, we excel in providing comprehensive nearshoring services that extend beyond recruitment and support services, ensuring that your journey includes setting up a robust Tunisian entity.

We are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and secure market entry. Whether you are establishing a new presence or expanding existing operations, Tech216 is your trusted partner for success in Tunisia’s dynamic business landscape.

Partner with Tech216 to turn your nearshoring strategy into a tangible reality by establishing a strong and sustainable Tunisian entity.

Your success story in Tunisia starts here!

Tech216’s nearshoring services provide a holistic approach to empower your business in Tunisia, offering comprehensive solutions for market entry, legal compliance, talent acquisition, and workspace facilitation. Partner with us to unlock opportunities and thrive in Tunisia’s dynamic business landscape.

Nearshoring with CodeCooperation

CodeCooperation, a Berlin-based company that supports start-ups in their IT development, was looking to expand their technical team.

With the support of Tech216 legal advice and recruitment support, immersed in the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Nearshoring services

How to do nearshoring in Tunisia with Tech216

Introduction to the Tunisian market

  • Virtual or on-site visits tailored to your needs
  • Facilitated meetings with local tech companies for networking and partnerships

Certification and legal guidance

  • Expert assistance with legal procedures for establishing a business in Tunisia
  • Comprehensive advice on local laws, regulations, licenses, and permits
  • Support in preparing employee contracts to ensure compliance

Recruitment support

  • Access to a vast network of skilled professionals in various industries
  • Guidance and assistance throughout the recruitment process
  • Expertise on local employment laws and regulations for seamless hiring

Office Space at The Dot / DTC Tunisia

  • Four desk spaces available at The Dot, a premier Digital Transformation Center
  • Access to training, expertise, and services offered by The Dot for continuous growth
  • Integration into the entrepreneurial ecosystem with incubation programmes, accelerators, and financing structures