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A little more than a decade after the Arab Spring, Tunisia is forging ahead in terms of its digital economy. Its proximity to Europe and the high level of education among its IT workforce are conducive to investment and partnerships.

The legal framework for the digital economy, that includes a comprehensive funding law for start-ups – known as the Startup Act –, simplifies the founding of companies and removes investment barriers.

Tunisia's IT industry is thriving

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Why Tunisia

Strategic location

Although Tunisia is located on the African continent, it is very close to Europe. Flying from Frankfurt to Tunis only takes 2-3 hours. As well, being located in the CET time zone, there is only a 1 hour time difference.

Good infrastructure

Tunisia’s 4G is the second-most effective network on the African continent. This has allowed Tunisia to welcome international companies in different areas of technology. The good IT-infrastructure has also allowed consistent growth in the IT-sector.

Diversified economy and start-up ecosystem

Tunisia is a country with a well-diversified economy. About 60% of its GDP is generated by the service sector and about 20% by industry. The digital sector contributes 4.3% – tendency growing with an innovative and internationally emerging tech ecosystem.

Global Skills Report 2022
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Automation and digital technologies are revolutionising almost every industry, from agriculture to manufacturing. The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed what people demand from their working lives. Global instability and inflation show that a well paid, secure job that leads to long-term career growth is more important than ever.


Our recent news

New Collaborations

In 2022, the Tunisian IT provider Sofiatech and a German metrology manufacturer in the rail industry signed off a software delivery contract. The live data monitoring and processing system for power current sensors by Sofiatech significantly increased the safety for passengers and rail infrastructure assets.


Mobile World Congress 2023

Meet us in Spain! In 2023 we will be at various events in Europe – for example at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 27th to March 2nd, 2023. The MWC is one of the most important trade fairs for the telco and IT industry. Don’t miss the connecitivity event 4YFN Startup Festival either!


Africa Tech Summit 2023

Africa Tech Summit Nairobi connects tech leaders from the African ecosystem and international players. Network with key stakeholders including tech corporates, mobile operators, fintechs, investors, leading start-ups, regulators and industry stakeholders driving business and investment forward.