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Success stories

In the past years, we have successfully supported 30+ companies from Germany and Europe to enter the Tunisian market and to find the right collaboration partner.

Explore some of our success stories, for example BMW’s collaboration with WeViDoo, or the partnership between the data analytics company Infomotion and Tunisian IT provider, Focus.


"The increasing number of IT companies (to over 2000 today) shows how dynamic the Tunisian market is."

Dr. Andreas Bootz, BMW Group

The case

The BMW Group was interested in creating a new IT business in Tunisia. During a Tech216-led discovery tour in Tunisia, BMW was able to get an overview of the local supplier market and establish contact with potential Tunisian IT suppliers.

This experience exceeded BMW’s initial expectations, as many IT companies in Tunisia already had established supplier relationships with other European groups. As well, the language barrier was smaller than expected and the high standards for cooperation, for example on data security, were already met in advance by some suppliers.

The solution

Since the beginning of the venture in early 2020, BMW has successfully completed several IT projects with Tunisian partners like Think-IT and WEVIOO. 

Through outsourcing for skills that ranged from AI, data science, data analytics, app development, cloud computing and cloud services, BMW has been able to implement digital products for customers as well as set up internal business processes.


"We are impressed by the potential of the Tunisian IT talents and we also benefit from the geographical proximity to Germany."

Riadh Basli, Business Unit Manager, Infomotion GmbH

The case

Infomotion was planning on building a consulting and support capacity outside of Germany (SAP Cloud BI, DWH, Software Development area). The objective was to improve the company’s competitiveness in major projects on the market, while maintaining the quality and availability of highly motivated talents.

It was important to find a suitable outsourcing partner that is flexible enough and willing to pilot an outsourcing model that could lead to a long-term Partner-Hub Model.

The solution

Tech216 supported with the development of a suitable sourcing model and organised an ecosystem tour in Tunisia. During this tour, initial meetings with potential partners were held. After the preselection of four Tunisian companies and a thorough  tendering process, Focus prevailed as the matching partner.
Three main projects in the field of data and analytics, cloud computing and software development kicked off successfully in the beginning of 2022, and further negotiations with  potential partners for other business areas are ongoing.  


"Tech216 allowed us to have a better grasp of the Tunisian digital ecosystem."

Adna Lachheb, Public Affairs, Francophone Africa

The case

Glovo, a Spanish online Food Delivery Service, wanted to set foot in Tunisia and searched for tech talents with excellent quality and support in understanding the legal and regulatory context on how to open a branch in Tunisia. 

The solution

Glovo is since 2021 operational in Tunis and consists of a team of 27 employees with the aim to grow. Glovo started its activities in Tunisia with the Tech216 services of free office desks, access to IT infrastructure, services and the lively start-up network at the innovation hub “The Dot” in Tunis. Glovo also profited from the legal advice of Tech216. 


Success Story CodeCooperation small

"I was really impressed. The Dot and the Soft Landing had the start-up environment, the networking events, and everything we were looking for."

Dr. Taieb Ben Dai, Co-founder, CodeCooperation

The case

CodeCooperation, a Berlin-based company that supports start-ups in their IT development, was looking to expand their technical team with skilled IT experts with high-quality standards that has a physical proximity to Germany.

The solution

CodeCooperation immersed in the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem and installed a German team temporarily at The Dot. With access to office spaces, an IT infrastructure and a very lively ecosystem, they experienced first hand the technical and innovation potential of Tunisia. With the support of Tech216 legal advice and recruitment support, they already employed a Tunisian tech team of eight people in Tunis.